Citrus Fruits
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Warren Scherer and

Katherine Charek Briggs

Gender and Sexuality Campus Center


Remarks from Senator Tammy Baldwin's Office


Remarks from Representative Mark Pocan's Office


Kristen Whitson, Co-Author

We Will Always Be Here:

A Guide to Exploring and Understanding the History of LGBTQ+ Activism in Wisconsin


Kacie Lucchini Butcher

Director, Public History Project

Panel Moderator:

Tiffany Lee

Crossroads Coordinator

Gender and Sexuality Campus Center


Jordan Marsh, Esq.

Student Organizer of ROTC Protests

Alnisa Allgood

Founding Director of the Campus Center


Jelani Rivera

Organizer to Reestablish the

Black Cultural Center

Adrian Lampron

Former Chair of the

Associated Students of Madison

Andi Hernandez

Current UW Student,

Secretary for Multicultural ClubQ

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Special Thanks to

Wisconsin Historical Society


McBurney Disability

Resource Center


Chef Oscar Villarreal

Migrants Madison, Caterer


Rae Kalscheuer


We Will Always Be Here

Traveling Display

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