queers without beers: a qtpoc drag show

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In general, the first rule of Drag Shows is ‘make sure you tip your Queens.” Unfortunately, due to University rules, the audience can’t tip our performers tonight. But even if you can’t throw cash, you can still show your appreciation and enthusiasm for them in so many ways - Cheer, Clap, Wave your fans, Swish around your ribbons and your bodies. Drag Shows are meant to be participatory. And make sure you follow and support the performers and DJ on Instagram- Anya Knees, Eliel, Janelle Dumott, Ja'Nyiah Moné Diamond-Banx, DJ Femme Noir


Queers Without Beers is intended as a sober event to raise awareness on the importance of sober entertainment options for people, specifically those within queer and trans people of color communities. Alcohol abuse within queer communities are often a result of structural violence, societal inequities and unaddressed health and economic disparities. We as the organizers would encourage this conversation beyond the time and space of this event.


If you're looking for support around sobriety, please reach out to MHS. Additionally, here’s a list of  LGBTQ+ Recovery Groups located in Madison 

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RuPaul's Drag Race and Pose are the latest flashes in a long line of QTPOC/Drag History. Learn here about how the first Queen of Drag was a formerly enslaved Black person named William Dorsey Swan. They were also the first known American activist to lead a queer resistance group - long before Stonewall. Learn here about the deep history ball culture beyond Paris is burning. And keep learning about the deep contributions of QTPOC history.

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Ways to Get Involved

Check out more events from the QTPOC student org!

Follow the WUD committees for other updates and events. 

Check out the GSCC for Upcoming events such as Pride Prom and Rainbow Graduation and check out our Discord.

Donate Clothes to ClubQ’s clothing swap (tomorrow is the last day!) and check out their other events!

Join in upcoming Madison community events such as “A Weekend of Trans Joy in Community” on April 23rd and a Madison and queer events not centering alcohol like monthly Climbing Social for Madison queer folk.

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We want to say thanks so much to all of our performers and our DJ! Thank you to all the folks who helped with catering and facilities. Thank you to the QTPOC student org, the WUD committees, and the GSCC for your work.

And a special thank you all of the folks who came!