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A word about us:

This website was put together by Crossroads – a collaborative initiative centering queer and trans students of color between The Gender and Sexuality Campus Center and The Multicultural Student Center at The University of Wisconsin-Madison. Its founding coordinator was Dr. Sheltreese McCoy and its current coordinator is Tiffany Lee.


This site is meant as a gathering/landing page of resources, articles, and links. We release new pages honoring the lives, work, and achievements of various QTPOC communities. In February, we will be releasing a page honoring Black queer folx. If you have any questions, comments, or if you would like something to be added or removed from these pages, please contact us using the form below.


A word about words:


Language is constantly shifting and changing. We have chosen and are using the word queer as an inclusive umbrella term for LGBTQIA+ folx, while acknowledging that not everyone connects with this word and that its meaning shifts through time and different communities. Additionally, here is an article about the usage and significance of the term two-spirit and another.

A word about images:


The Crossroads logo located in the top right corner of the website was designed by our intern Dequadray White. It includes an image of the Philly Pride Flag.


The images on this website were not created by us. The tiled image in the background is from from left to write, it shows Vicki Quintero (White Mountain Apache), Timothy "Twix" Ward, San Carlos Apache, and Vanessa Kristina (Salt River Pima), who all identify as two-spirited.The first image down is the "Two Spirit Portrait" of George Soctomah Neptune photographed by Thom Willey. The second image down is a photograph of John Sneezy, San Carlos Apache from the largest Two-Spirit Pow Wow in the nation. The third image down is a photo of Beverly Little Thunder standing by the two-spirit flag at Standing Rock photographed by Adam Johansson. 

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