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LatinxHeritage Month

UW-Madison Latinx Heritage Month 2021 


UW Madison's Latinx Cultural Center and The 2021 Latinx Heritage Month Planning Committee have chosen the theme Amor y Salud for this year's Latinx Heritage Month.

'The Latinx community has a vast and complex history of Conquista, revolution, colonization, immigration, and advocacy. What keeps our community together are values that transcend these systems and events that have many times hurt our community. We actively reframe and strengthen our changing culture and language to reflect who we are and where our community will go.

This year we are using two words in the Spanish language that encompass more than their English translations can. The first is “Amor” which translates to “love.” The Latinx community brings closeness and warmth within and outside familial connections. Whether it is food, music, art, or different practices, “amor” guides the way we relate to one another. The second word is “Salud.” A word that encompasses health as we continue to heal and take breath after hardships that disconnected us. “Salud” also means “to toast,” and so we bring in this year in stride to boldly love and support our community. We take the time and space to celebrate our culture and exist in liberation.'

The Latinx Cultural Center will be following UW–Madison Covid-19 policy for all events.

For more detailed information on events, please click on the event titles below, contact us at, and follow us on social media.
LCC Facebook:
LCC Instagram: or @uwlatinxcc

Accessibility statement: For questions/accommodations, please e-mail:

About Us

A Word About Us: 

This website was put together by Crossroads – a collaborative initiative centering queer and trans students of color between The Gender and Sexuality Campus Center and The Office of Inclusion Education at The University of Wisconsin - Madison. Its founding coordinator was Dr. Sheltreese McCoy and its current coordinator is Tiffany Lee. The events listed here under UW - Madison's Latinx Heritage Month was coordinated by the Latinx Cultural Center and The 2021 Latinx Heritage Month Committee. 


This site is meant as a gathering/landing page of resources, articles, and links. We release new pages honoring and highlighting the lives, work, and achievements of various Queer and Trans People of Color communities. We hope you take some time and explore. In November, we will be releasing a page honoring Native/Indigenous Two Spirit/LGBTQ+ folx. If you have any questions, comments, or if you would like something to be added or removed from these pages, please contact us using the form below.


A word about words:


Language is constantly shifting and changing and growing. We have chosen to use the word queer here as an inclusive umbrella term for LGBTQIA+ folx, while acknowledging that not everyone connects with this word and that its meaning shifts through time and different communities. We have also chosen the to utilize the word Latinx. Here are some articles diving in to dialogue surrounding this term and why it feels like home for some - here, here, here, and here.

The images in the background of the two folk embracing were created by Gabriel Garcia Roman. The image above of the woman above is San Cha. The image with the rainbow background and the 4 folks in the frame is by Lauryn Alvarez.

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